A colourful animation studio based in the countryside of Warwickshire, UK. Crafting sales focused animations for growing tech & SaaS companies.

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Our mission.

Confused Customers Don't Buy. It’s that simple. As soon as the waters start to muddy, they back out and go elsewhere. It’s not worth the effort for them to try and navigate the complex solution in a world where there are so many alternatives.

The solution is to communicate more effectively by speaking their language and keeping things simple. This is where many tech companies struggle as their solution is far from simple and they find it hard to simplify their messaging.

We choose to do this through animated explainer videos because as well as being a great way to communicate (The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text), animation connects with the viewer like no other medium, making it memorable, trustworthy and informative. Animation has the perfect combo for learning; text, visuals and audio.

Technology is the future. But as it becomes increasingly intricate, it’s essential that we keep its users in mind. We aim to ensure that everyone is part of the growth of technology by simplifying solutions and encouraging widespread adoption of tech and SaaS solutions. Our goal is to make technology more accessible, enabling individuals to familiarize themselves with it and evolve alongside its advancements.

My story.

Hey, I’m Ben. I am both the main worker bee and founder of anico. Throughout these years working with a wide array of companies, I always wondered why they didn’t explain what they do in plain English. They thought that making it sound simple made the solution less valuable and the company sound less intelligent. I strongly disagreed. This was reflected through my work by simplifying designs to the core objectives, and guess what, the clients loved them.

So why animation? Well, during this time I was trying to find the most effective way to communicate these messages and it nearly always landed with animation and video. It has unmatched storytelling, emotional connection and engagement. I had to explore this further and the best way to do that was to jump right in. I went freelance into the world of animation and created explainer videos, social media ads, event animations and even some NFTs.

Today, I’m focused on working with growing tech & SaaS companies, creating animated explainer videos that not only give potential buyers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, but also build the awareness and trust for them to become paying customers. A perfect blend of design, effective communication and marketing.

Ben Newton

How we work is why we work.

Overflowing passion

We take pride in our high-quality work and outcomes. We are constantly learning and exploring new techniques because we love it. This allows us to provide you with an animation we are all proud to share.

Honesty & transparency

We value open communication and are completely transparent in what we do. We answer any questions and are not afraid to ask the difficult ones, after all, that is how problems are solved. No BS here.

Get sh*t done

We are all about diving straight into the task at hand and working on whatever is needed to craft the perfect animation for your objective. You can count on us to handle everything necessary to create an animation that hits the mark.

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