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Whilst we are a fairly new motion design studio, we've got over 10 years of experience in the design and marketing space.

My Story.

Hey, I'm Ben. I am both the main worker bee and founder of anico. Throughout these years working with a wide array of companies, I always wondered why they didn't explain what they do in plain English. They thought that making it sound simple made the solution less valuable and the company sound less intelligent. I strongly disagreed. This was reflected through my work by simplifying designs to the core objectives, and guess what, the clients loved them.

So why animation? Well, during this time I was trying to find the most effective way to communicate these messages and it nearly always landed with animation and video. It has unmatched storytelling, emotional connection and engagement. I had to explore this further and the best way to do that was to jump right in. I went freelance into the world of animation and created explainer videos, social media ads, event animations and even some NFTs.

Today, I'm focused on working with growing tech companies, creating animated explainer videos that not only give potential buyers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, but also build the awareness and trust for them to become paying customers. A perfect blend of design, effective communication and marketing.

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