Animated branding and event graphics that grab attention and show you're serious.

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animated branding

Branding and event animations for tech & SaaS companies.

Branding animation covers everything that showcases your brand's personality. This includes things like logo animations and pattern designs. All of these elements have multiple uses but a popular one is events. Standing out at an event is so important as they are often busy and full of distractions. You want to be the company people remember the next day.

Logo animations • Motion guidelines • Event screen animations • 

More than just animating your brand.

Show your personality

You stand for something, so shout about it and share it with passion. Connect with your audience emotionally and share your unique positioning.

Stand out in a competitive market

The tech space is crowded with new start-ups every day. Animated branding helps you stand out from the rest.

Be memorable

Events are full of other companies and people all trying to pitch. You want to be the company people remember the day after the event.

Grab attention when you need it

Events are busy environments where attendee's attention is pulled all over the place. Your business needs to grab it and keep it in the first 5 seconds.

Show you're serious

Animated branding shows you care about your presentation and product. This builds trust in your customers and shows you're here for the long-run.

Re-purpose throughout your brand

Animated branding elements can be used in many ways throughout the future of your business including social media, website, app, events, signage, ads, and many more.

Branding & event animations need to be different for Tech/SaaS solutions.

Tech solutions are more abstract as many topics like data, connectivity and efficiency can't be accurately represented. This requires creating abstract elements that represent these complex topics whilst making sure it's clear to the audience what they mean in order to reduce cognitive load.

Your tech/SaaS solution is probably leading-edge and futuristic, so your brand and the experience your users get should reflect that. Keeping your brand looking modern helps build trust in a sea of start-ups.

Competition is high in the tech space, so showing some personality and a unique visual style is a must to help your business stand out from the generic software and be memorable. It's important to find the balance between grabbing attention and clarity.

It's likely you offer a complex solution, the difficulty is creating clarity around it at busy events where people have short attention spans. We need to find the balance between engaging and educational.

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