Our 90-second animated explainer videos are specifically designed to generate faster sales and self-qualified leads, which is vital for any growing tech company.

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animated explainer

An animated explainer video that is focused on building sales and growth.

Our 90-second animated explainers use a combination of text, visual and audio to educate prospects on your solution giving them the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase decision leading to faster sales, self-qualified leads and educated customers. Our animations not only effectively communicate your complex solution but also continue to deliver value long after its creation, without any ongoing commitment required. All for a fixed price.

More than just an animated explainer.

Faster Sales

Less confusion means more sales. The more knowledge prospects possess, the quicker the sales cycle becomes. With a well-informed audience, repetitive inquiries and churn are minimized, saving your team time.

Self-Qualified Leads

By giving them the knowledge they need to make an informed purchase decision, prospects can accurately self-qualify. This gives them the emotional connection of them making the buying decision themselves.

Trust & Personality

Animation plays a vital role in establishing trust and highlighting your brand's personality, allowing you to differentiate yourself and leave a lasting impression. Through animation, you can evoke emotions, captivate audiences, and resonate with their desires, aspirations, or challenges.


Once an animation is published, it continues to fulfill its purpose without requiring additional effort. It remains accessible for years, consistently delivering its message and unlike traditional videos, animated content can be easily modified to incorporate changes in key information as your company grows.


Clips from the animated video can be repurposed across platforms like social media, emails, and sales calls to effectively convey your message. By strategically re-purposing the animation, you increase the reach and reinforce your message across multiple channels.


Differentiate your solution to your customers from your competitors who have similar offers. Highlighting your unique strengths and effectively communicating these USPs helps you position your solution as the standout option.

Explainer videos need to be different for Tech/SaaS solutions.

Tech solutions are more abstract as many topics like data, connectivity and efficiency can't be accurately represented. This requires creating abstract elements that represent these complex topics whilst making sure it's clear to the audience what they mean in order to reduce cognitive load.

Because the solutions are often complex, the explainer needs to be story-driven making it easy to relate to with a flow of information that gives the viewer time to comprehend some of the more complex sections. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm them.

Competition is high in the tech space, so showing some personality and a unique visual style is a must to help your business stand out and be memorable. It’s important to find the balance between grabbing attention and clarity with your message.

As tech moves quickly your solution or product will evolve over time, this means specifics should be avoided and we focus on the story and general benefits whilst showing a representation of the product rather than its current state.

Some of our work.

EmpowerRD: Explainer video for an R&D platform and service.

SparkLayer: 90-second animated explainer video for a B2B e-commerce SaaS solution.

Konquest: An explainer video style advert for commission software.

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