How can we use animation to explain complex problems and solutions effectively?

Some people hear the word animation and think of cartoons for children. That’s not going to help a professional business. But animation and motion graphics can do a lot more than just entertain. They can educate.

Words alone can sometimes be hard to comprehend and fully understand.

Every atom is composed of a nucleus and one or more electrons bound to the nucleus. The nucleus is made of one or more protons and a number of neutrons.

Most people won’t be able to fully comprehend how an atom is formed after that description. But paired with a graphic it makes more sense. Now if we upgrade that graphic to an animation, we get a much more detailed explanation of the atom, its structure and how it moves. Our brains can understand and store that information much easier than text alone.

This principle can be applied to any complex ideology, and remember, what you think is basic knowledge may be complex to your audience. Animation is a great way to communicate those extra details without patronising those who may already understand.

With animation, anything is possible, so there is no ideology that can’t be represented using motion graphics. Unlike traditional video cameras which are limited to “real life”, animation has the power to be anything you can imagine. Or it can be mixed with traditional footage to get the realism of the situation mixed with the complex solution being communicated through animation.

Another benefit of an animated explainer video is it’s much more engaging than plain text meaning that people consume more of the information.

The downside to animation alone is that it can miss details that can be explained via text. This can be solved by either using a voiceover or text on the screen in the case of an explainer video or having description text next to the animation if it’s a short webpage animation.

These explainer videos can be shown on your homepage, landing pages, product pages, linked to from emails, or anywhere digital. You can also cut them up and post them to your social channels to increase their ROI even further.

So hopefully this has helped you and your business in your quest to understand the power of animation in your marketing.

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