Quality beats quantity when it comes to social media.

The Social Media landscape is currently flooded with content. People post numerous times a day, often repeating themselves and regurgitating information that can easily be found online. Unfortunately, this quantity-over-quality approach does not showcase your brand in the best light, as the content tends to suffer.

A lot of social media posts lack depth and are merely superficial. The focus is on the number of posts, rather than the quality and purpose of each post. It seems that many users are simply aiming to gain more followers, yet companies should aim for more leads and sales instead.

Remember, quality trumps quantity.

Quantity did actually use to work.

Quantity used to be a viable approach to content creation, much like blogging was in its early days. With few businesses employing this strategy, any content produced could be seen as "quality". The barrier to entry was low, and less sophisticated algorithms meant that your content could disappear from view within minutes.

While this approach may still yield some results, it is limited in its ability to drive growth and achieve tangible business outcomes such as generating leads or traffic to your site.

But not anymore.

Quantity on social media is no longer effective. It has become oversaturated with recycled content that can be easily found online. This is why AI can now generate high quantities of content, and with its continuous improvement and ease of use, anyone can do it.

People are becoming increasingly frustrated with seeing the same content from the same individuals or echo chambers, particularly when no real value is being shared. Depending on your writing tone, this can come across as desperate or even arrogant.

Quality content reigns supreme.

Social content now has a longer shelf-life, thanks to new algorithms that keep engaging posts alive for extended periods. This means that quality posts that get lots of engagement have a longer life. Additionally, there are options to boost your posts, further prolonging their lifespan.

By creating quality content, you stand out from the sea of average posts, especially visually. By filling your feed with great content, you showcase what your business does and add value to your audience. This strengthens your brand and elevates you above the competition.

The making of a quality social post.

A successful social media post centres around a clear purpose that drives both the message and visuals. The post connects with your audience, providing them with entertainment, information, or value. The message itself is straightforward and easy to remember, while the tone of voice resonates with your audience. The visuals are attention-grabbing and engaging, ensuring that the key message is absorbed. Ultimately, a well-crafted social post will deliver tangible results for your business.

Animation is the perfect fit.

Animation is the ultimate tool for connecting with your audience. With its ability to showcase your brand personality and deliver your message in an unforgettable way, there is simply no medium that compares.

When it comes to animation, the possibilities are endless. No matter your topic, industry, or message, we can create something that perfectly suits your business needs. And unlike other mediums, there are no actors to find or locations to scout. Once your animation is complete, it's a breeze to make changes to the text and colors or even create a custom template.

But what sets animation apart is its unparalleled effectiveness as a communication tool. With numerous statistics to back this up, it's clear that animation's attention-grabbing visuals and longer-form storytelling make it the ideal solution for creating high-quality social media content.

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