Why tech companies should use animation to boost their marketing.

Animation is a powerful tool that can boost the marketing efforts of tech companies, From the web3, AR/VR and video game teams, to the fintech, IT and tech product businesses. It’s a great way to educate your potential customers and showcase your brand personality in the process.

Animation is perfect for marketing technology companies and products.

One of the hardest part of tech marketing is explaining your complex solution in a way that your audience will understand and remember. Animation uses a combination of text, graphics and audio making it easy to digest for all learner types whilst keeping the viewer fully engaged.

Animation has the benefit of being able to drip-feed the content at a pace and order that makes it easier to follow whilst demonstrating your complex tech solution. The animated video can start light and diver deeper into your solution throughout the video. Animation also has limitless possibilities. If you can think of it, you can design it and animate it. This helps by letting us use abstract elements to represent tech solutions that don’t have any physical form.

For many people, it’s a game-changer to visualise and see the solution in action rather than reading walls of text. This educates your audience and means you gain the benefits from that such as happier customers, qualified leads and a faster sales process. You can mix in a storyline to really connect with your audience and make the video even more memorable.

From a visual perspective, your technology solution has many moving parts, and so should your marketing assets. They should replicate the modern technology you have created by being full of life and energy, just like your product or service. If you are creating modern, future-driven tech, then it makes sense to promote it in a modern, future-thinking format. This builds trust and makes you stand out from the competition that your audience is also researching at their buying stage.

Static graphics and plain text don’t reflect your new and exciting tech.

Static graphics have less real estate than animation which means things can get messy when you’ve got a lot of information to share (which tech companies do!). This makes them harder to understand and takes more effort from the viewer to comprehend what is going on. They are also not easily structured in a way to prevent viewers from skipping key information and then not understanding further information. And finally, they are just a bit dull, especially in the world of social media where grabbing attention is essential.

As for plain text alone, it can be very hard for certain people to focus on and learn from. If your competitor has an animated video which makes it easy for them, well, you know the rest. A wall of text can look intimidating which means most people skim-read and potentially miss key information. And again, your tech is cool, modern and forward-thinking, don’t bore people with text.

4 ways to use animated videos to level up your marketing results.

Animated explainer videos

Explainer videos are the main way to get your complex solution understood by your audience. They can sit on your website or be used as sales collateral. These videos explain your tech in a structured format that covers the level of detail required whilst keeping the viewer engaged.

Animated social ads

Social media ads are the outbound version of explainer videos. They are high quality videos that stand out in sea of quantity. They are shorter and snappier but still deliver your complex solution effectively. With attention being gold dust on social, animation helps grab it and gets your audience to understand your offer quickly whilst engaging with your content.

Inline web animations

Adding inline web animation alongside text is a great way to enhance the content you already have. These animations can bring the text to life whilst not being too distracting and the text can focus on the detail.

Animated presentation graphics

Make it a presentation to remember, whether it's for a sales pitch, investment or internal comms. Having animated elements that showcase your tech is sure to impress and make the whole presentation more memorable.

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