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Project: EmpowerRD

We created an explainer video to sit on their new website and explain what makes them stand out. The main message is about demystifying claims by combining platform and service. The script follows this narrative and simplified visual elements give a sense of clarity.

We wanted a modern look and feel whilst staying professional as claiming has to be done accurately and according to law. Expanding on their branding, we created a style that's full of personality whilst not looking out of place on their new website.

The result was an explainer video that helped potential customers understand how EmpowerRD can make R&D claims easy through both the platform and the personal service they offer. This clarity builds trust, helps customers self-qualify and speeds up the sales process.

Details of one of the characters.
Close up of the computer and user.
Showcase of the styleframes created.
3D clock/coin animation.
Waving character used in the opening scene.
Sketches from the storyboard.
Illustrator file with the scenes laid out.
The final video in situ on the website.