A promotional animated video to generate excitement and interest for the launch of SL Ignite.

Project Overview

The task was to craft an animated video that created hype around their new technology for the B2B e-commerce sector. The main distribution will be when presenting their solution and integration to e-commerce platforms.

Our focus was on creating a video that resonated with the tech-driven future while evoking emotions of awe and wonder. The core mood was defined as tech, future, modern, exciting, and epic, providing the foundation for the design direction. We used their existing branding style for SL Ignite but expanded it into motion and used a few extra elements to bring it to life.

For the typography - we went for bold and modern fonts that screamed confidence and authority. The message had to be snappy, so we arranged the text in a way that kept you hooked from start to finish.

To complement the visuals, we carefully selected futuristic audio that aligned with the objective of generating excitement and wonder before filling in with sound effects synchronized with the motion to add an extra layer of energy and polish to the final video.

"Nailed it. It looks fantastic, pretty much exactly what I was envisioning! - The feedback from the team is amazing!"

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