An explainer video style advert for the recruitment SaaS company Konquest.

Project Overview

We were tasked with creating an animated explainer video that can also be used as an ad. The animation needed to start with a strong hook like an ad but also go deeper into the features and benefits of the product.

We created an animation that emphasises that the software is modern, easy to use and reliable. The future doesn’t have to be complicated. Focusing on specific elements in the platform means we can hone in on what we are trying to show and block out other distractions by reducing clutter to help reduce cognitive load.

We used a black-and-white, hand-drawn style for the old spreadsheets workflow and a clean modern style with plenty of Konquest red for the new. The old elements are messy and all over the place whilst the new are tidy, uniform and clear. This gives clear separation and solidifies how outdated spreadsheets actually are.

We chose to use abstract shapes to convey the message when no UI elements are involved and use motion to reflect the old vs new. A satisfying, calming movement that mimics the ease of use of the Konquest platform and a faster pace, jittery movement for the old way.

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