A 90-second animated explainer video for the B2B e-commerce solution SparkLayer.

Project Overview

Our goal was to create an animated explainer video that effectively communicated the benefits of SparkLayer's advanced B2B ordering solution for existing e-commerce sites. The problem they faced was a lack of clarity regarding what their platform did and how it worked, resulting in confusion among prospects. They needed a quick and engaging way to educate potential customers and generate more sales.

To address this challenge, we developed an animated explainer video that simplified the solution and highlighted its key benefits. Through visually engaging dashboard animations and abstract elements, we showcased how the SparkLayer platform seamlessly integrates with existing e-commerce websites. Our approach focused on ensuring that the ideal customer profile, remained engaged throughout the video. We carefully curated the content to include all the essential information that prospects would want to know about the platform.

By creating an easy-to-understand animated explainer video, we successfully addressed the problem of confusion and provided a clear understanding of the SparkLayer solution. The video served as an effective tool to educate prospects, leading to increased sales and a more informed customer base.

"You have done a great job of creating and tying in the visuals to make it obvious what we're conveying to the viewer. It now feels like a first-time watcher will easily "get" what we're about. Everyone is really happy with the video - they all agreed it much better explains what our product does."

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