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The four main animation services we offer. But each project is ultimately tailored to meet the needs of your business and objectives.

Animated Videos

Inform, promote and engage with animation that's full of personality. From explainers to presentations, adverts to social media, animated videos are a great way of connecting with your audience through storytelling.

Animated Videos

Web & App Animations

Animations built for the web using the latest technologies to bring speed, interactivity and responsiveness to the table. From website headers and graphics, to application on-boarding and UX elements.

Web & App Animations

Social Animations

From organic posts that grow your community to paid ads that convert. Each animated post is crafted with storytelling and messaging at its core meaning they look great and get results.

Social Animations

Motion System & Assets

A new way to think about the animation process. Start by creating guidelines, concepts and assets. Then use them to rapidly create animated content whenever you like for any project you like. Perfect for communicating your messages at scale.

Motion System & Assets

What makes us different?

• A focus on the objective

It's easy to get distracted by the pretty moving things, but the reality is, the project has an objective and it's vital to keep it in focus.

• A tactical mindset

We leave the big picture strategy to you, which let's us devise the detailed tactics that get the best results.

• Clarity doesn't mean boring

Whilst clarity is key, it can also be full of personality. We blend the two to create animation that connects with your audience.

Your project, tailed to your needs.

Every project is different so there is no one-process fits all.

We work with you to discover your goals and find the best way to get the best results, whatever that means to you.

Let's get your business moving.

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"Lots of great feedback from the global MDs on the animation! Looks so great thanks Ben - And the LA team really love it!"

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"Thanks Ben - The explainer video is perfect and feedback from the team is it's great! I just need the final files then I can start my campaign!"

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"Everyone is really happy with the video, great job - they all agreed it much better explains what our product does."

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"Thanks very much Ben! It's looking really great! The pace is perfect and it all feels very clean - ALSO a huge thank you for working on our Transfers GIF - it's great!"

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"Just had the final feedback for the video and you'll be pleased to hear that they love it! In fact the whole board of Directors at Renault Retail Group are very impressed with it."

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"Thank you so much for your amazing work, Ben! It really breathes life into the website and lets people immerse themselves into the Wonder experience."

Workplace Logo

"Thank you so much, the videos look and sound fantastic! Really appreciate it - we're so happy with these!"

Toshiba Logo

"Thank you very much for those updates. I really like it – the animations look fantastic!"

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"Perfect Ben! Thank you so much, brilliant job, I will be singing your praises!"

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"We love the video, just wanted to say it was well received here in our office. We've just jumped off a call with our client and they love the animation!! So, you’ve smashed it, feedback was really good, they’re really excited about it."