We create animated videos driven by your objective and expressed through storytelling.

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Our animated videos are different.

A focus on the message

The message is what drives the animation. By making sure we get this right first, we get long-lasting results and an explainer video that we can all be proud of. We turn your message into a story-driven, informative and persuasive script. No polished turds here.

Designed for longevity

We know things change. Especially in a growing business. So we design our animations to stay relevant for as long as possible by using abstract elements where things might change in the future without diluting the message.

Built to scale alongside you

We create a custom design system that’s created specifically for your business. This means that once the first animation is done we can use its assets and design system to create more content. Social, web, events, you name it. All in a cohesive collection - Ready to scale as you do.

Animated Explainer Videos

A 90-second animated explainer video that communicates your complex solution.

An animated explainer that’s specifically designed to generate faster sales and self-qualified leads. Perfect for your website and provides a more effective way to communicate your complex solution that continues to deliver value with no ongoing commitment. All for a fixed price.

You can stop worrying that you’re leaving money on the table, as we craft the animation to not only give potential buyers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, but also build the awareness and trust for them to become paying customers.

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Animated Social Media Graphics

Organic or paid, our social media animations educate, inform and promote.

From organic posts that grow your community to paid ads that convert. Each animated post is crafted with storytelling and messaging at its core. Having the foundations aligned with your objectives means the animation can amplify the content and more effectively communicate your message. We help with every step to create social media animations that look great and get results.

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Website & App Animations

Website & app animations that are not only full of personality but bring clarity to your complex product.

On-boarding, benefits & features, UI or anything else that sits on your website or app. We can make it more effective with animation. Make sure your ideal customers fully understand your solution and more importantly, they remember it.

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Marketing & Promotional Animations

Marketing and promotional animations that amplify your message and get you results.

Bring your digital marketing campaigns to life and show your personality with animated marketing assets. Deploy a complete, cohesive animated marketing campaign across all your channels, connect with your audience and stand out from the competition, even if you're a start-up.

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Branding & Event Animations

Animated branding and event graphics that grab attention and show you're serious.

Branding animation covers everything that showcases your brand's personality. This includes things like logo animations and pattern designs. All of these elements have multiple uses but a popular one is events. Standing out at an event is so important as they are often busy and full of distractions. You want to be the company people remember the next day.

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Our process for the perfect animation.


Before we start creating, it's important to know the objective of the animation, how it is to be distributed and where it fits in the customer journey. All these help guide the design process so that we create an animation that actually gets results.

Script & Moodboard

To capture the essence of your message and connect with your audience, we create a concise and engaging script based on the session. Our team focuses on crafting a script that is short, snappy, and effectively communicates your key points. Additionally, we develop a moodboard that visually represents the desired direction of the animation. This moodboard serves as a reference for the overall aesthetic, style, and visual elements to be incorporated into the animation.

Feedback Sessions

To ensure transparency and collaboration throughout the project, we conduct feedback sessions after each stage of development. In these sessions, we provide a detailed walkthrough video that explains the progress made and any design decisions that have been implemented. This allows you to gain valuable context and insights into the work completed thus far. We encourage you to provide feedback during these sessions, as your input is vital in shaping the final outcome. Any changes or adjustments you request will be promptly addressed, and we will continue to iterate until you are completely satisfied before moving on to the next stage. Our goal is to create a seamless and iterative feedback process that guarantees the end result meets your expectations and vision.


To bring your animation to life with a captivating and professional voiceover, we offer you a range of options to choose from. These options include different voiceover artists who specialize in various tones, styles, and accents. Once you have made your selection, we proceed to send the finalized script to the chosen voiceover artist for recording. Our team works closely with the artist to ensure that they understand the intended tone, pacing, and emphasis required for the narration. By collaborating with experienced voiceover professionals, we strive to deliver a high-quality and engaging voiceover that complements the visual elements of the animation.


To visualize the flow of your story and make any final adjustments to the script, we develop a storyboard. This involves creating rough sketches of each scene, depicting the key moments and transitions within the animation. The storyboard serves as a visual roadmap, allowing us to ensure that the narrative unfolds coherently and effectively communicates your message. The storyboard is a critical step in refining the story's visual direction and acts as the foundation for the animation.

Artwork & Styleframes

To provide you with the custom visual style that will be implemented in the final animation, we create styleframes based on selected frames from the storyboard. These styleframes combine elements from both the moodboard and the storyboard, giving you an idea of how the overall aesthetic and visual design will be translated into the animation. This ensures that the visual direction aligns with your expectations and captures the desired look and feel. This stage allows us to refine the artistic choices and make any necessary adjustments before proceeding to animation.

Animation & Audio

Once the styleframes have been approved, we embark on the animation phase, where we breathe life into the visual elements of the project. Our team meticulously animates each scene, adding intricate details and ensuring a smooth flow of movement. Simultaneously, we integrate the audio components to enhance the overall experience. This includes incorporating the voiceover, sound effects (SFX), and background music, carefully synchronizing them with the animation. By seamlessly blending these elements, we create a cohesive and immersive audiovisual experience that captivates your audience and effectively conveys your message.


Once the animation and audio have been completed, we carefully package up the final deliverables for you. This package includes the completed video, ready to go.

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